2024 Storm Summer Showcase & Camp

Fields at Freedom Park – Valdosta, GA


When: June 28-30, 2024 (Games begin Friday 8:00 AM on Friday, June 28, 2024 – Sunday)
Format: 5 Game Format (3 pool games into double elimination)
Age Groups: 16U & 18U
Entry Fee: $1395/team

**Every Jacksonville Storm Softball Tournament requires a deposit of $300, regardless of the fee amount, which is due 60 days before the event. This deposit is also non- refundable regardless of cancellation or withdrawal. If not paying via credit card, the Treasurer will reach out to you for payment of deposit.

Gate Fee: $10/day per spectator OR $20/spectator for the weekend **Kids 12 & Under are free.

Location: Freedom Park, Valdosta, GA – All games at 1 location!


  • 18U & 16U Winner: $5000.00
  • 18U & 16U Runner up: $3000.00
  • 18U & 16U Third Place: $1500.00

Winner of each bracket will also be awarded FREE entry into the 2025 Storm Summer Showcase.

**Prize money contingent on full registration (24 teams min.) for that division.

Tournament Registration & Payment Information

Payment can be made via credit card on Tourney Machine, check or Venmo. Please denote payment as “2024 Storm Summer Showcase” with your team name.

If paying via check, please mail all checks to:
Jacksonville Storm Softball
C/O Makayla Palmer
7990 Baymeadows Road East, Unit 104
Jacksonville, FL 32256

If paying via Venmo, our account is @Jacksonville-StormSoftball

Hotel Information

This is a “Stay to Play” event.  All registered teams that are not local or outside of 1 1/2 hours are REQUIRED to book a block of rooms for your team and parents. Please contact Mike Bower with Group Housing at mbower@grouphousing.net if you have any questions.

Storm Summer Individual Showcase Camp
When: June 27, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Format: Showcase, Measurements, Competition
Grad Years:  2024 – 2028
Registration Fee: $200

  1. Columbia International
  2. Duke University
  3. Flagler College
  4. Florida A & M University
  5. Florida Southern College
  6. Florida Technical College
  7. Florida Southwestern State College
  8. Jacksonville University
  9. Keiser University
  10. Mercer University
  11. Miami Dade College
  12. Presbyterian College
  13. Rollins College
  14. Seminole State College
  15. St. Leo University
  16. St. Petersburg College
  17. University of South Florida
  18. Valdosta State College
  19. West Florida University
  20. West Georgia University
  1. Each team must have one coach or representative check-in at the registration table at Freedom Park softball fields prior to their first game of the tournament.

The registration table will be in front of the concession stand at the main fields (#1-5)

The address to Freedom Park is: 3795 Guest Rd. Valdosta, GA 31605

  1. All teams must submit a current copy of insurance when checking in, unless you have already emailed it to us prior to the event.
  2. ASA Rules (modified) apply except where stated.
  3. Playing Rules: Age rules 18u Division – A player whose 19th birthday is Sept. 1, 2023 or later as well as Juco players that have completed 1 year. 16u Division – A player whose 17th birthday is September 1st, 2023, or later.
  4. Protest: This is a non-protestable tournament, you cannot protest. Any disagreements will be settled at the plate by the umpire.
  5. If you are playing back-to-back games, you will not be required to change dugoutsif on the same field. Teams should report to their assigned fields 30 mins before game time.
  6. Weather: Tourney Machine will be the primary platform for communication and updates on weather related issues and/or changes. We will also send important information to the head coach’s email and text that was provided at the time of registration.
  7. Weather Contingencies: In case of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to weather the Tournament Director reserves the right to alter the tournament format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion. This can include, but is not limited to, shortened game times, fewer games guaranteed, or playing rule changes. Games interrupted might not be resumed. Everything possible will be done to get the players on the field as soon as possible. It is ultimately the responsibility of the team managers and coaches to verify their schedule daily to make sure that no changes have been made.
  8. Injuries: Trainers will NOT be available during the event. Each participant (players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators) is responsible for their own safety while at the event. Jacksonville – FL Storm, Freedom , Jax Traveling Umpire Association , its individuals and employees, along with the owners of the facilities are not responsible if a player, coach, team personnel, or a spectator is injured at the event.
  9. Hotels: This is a STAY-TO-PLAY event. All teams must stay a minimum of 2nights in GroupHousing designated and assigned hotels, unless deemed local.
  10. Sportsmanship: Managers, Coaches, Players and Spectators are responsible for their own conduct. Any abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Managers could also be held responsible for any unsportsmanlike conduct by a player, parent or fan.
  11. The tournament does not provide water coolers in the dugouts. Teams will need to bring their own water coolers
  12. Game balls will be provided by the tournament directors. THREE (3) game balls are to be turned in to the umpires on each field they are playing on during each game.
  13. Teams are expected to have their players retrieve foul balls and return them to the umpires at the field they are playing on during each game. This will keep the flow of the game moving and ensure everyone is playing with a quality game ball.
  14. Cancellation & Refund Policy: Teams that cancel on or before May 1st, 2024 will be charged a $300 cancellation fee. AFTER May 1. 2024 teams that cancel will be charged a 100% cancellation fee ($1395.00).

There will be no refund of early entry fees due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as the weather.

  1. GATE FEE: $10/day per spectator OR $20/spectator for the weekend **Kids 12 & Under are free.

Showcase Format and Playing rules for pool games: (Modified ASA Rules)

1-All teams will play three pool games into double elimination.

2-International Tiebreaker in the event of a tie.

3-Time Limit-75 minutes drop dead finish the batter. The score will record as it is at the 

    time of the game’s expiration.

4-Home team is determined by coin flip.

5-Line-ups must be turned in to umpires for pool and bracket play.

6-Teams may bat as many players as they choose (minimum of 9). Players are not allowed to change spots in the line-up.

7-Teams may make unlimited defensive substitutions without reporting.

8-Offensive substitutions must be reported.

9-Courtesy runners may be used for the pitcher or catcher of record only and must be the last completed at bat or a substitute that has not yet entered the game. The same courtesy runner can run for both.

10-There is no run rule. All games will run the full 75 min time period.

11- Walks and HBP – Any batter that walks or is HBP has the option of staying in the box and assuming a 3-2 count. If opting to stay the batter must take the result of the at bat.

12-Winning team needs to report the score to Makayla Palmer (904-521-9520).

Rules for Bracket Play: Same rules apply as pool games except:

1-Time limit-80 minutes finish the inning.

2-Walked or hit batters must take a base.

3-Home team is determined by higher seed.

4-Higher seed will take 3rd base dugout. In the event that you are back-to-back on games, you will not be required to change dugouts.

5-Teams have the following three (3) options with regard to batting order and extra players:

     a) Continuous batting order: All players in uniform (unless injured) in the batting order and listed on the lineup card. If a late player arrives after the lineup cards are exchanged, then the player must be entered into the last spot in the batting order. Free defensive substitution for all players throughout the game.
     b) Straight Nine: Nine (9) players in the batting order and listed on the lineup card. No designated hitter. All other players are substitutes, subject to the NFHS substitution rules (starter can re-enter into her original spot once, etc.).
     c) Nine Players with DP/Flex: Nine (9) players in the batting order and listed on the lineup card. The name of the Flex player will be placed in the 10th position in the line-up, but will not bat.

6- Championship Game will be 7 Inning Winner Take All game

DP/Flex Reminders
i) The DP can never play defense only.
ii) The Flex can never be on offense only.
iii) The DP and Flex can never play offense at the same time. If the Flex is going to play offense, they have to do so in the original DP’s position, therefore only one of them can play offense at a time.
iv) The Flex and DP can play defense at the same time. The DP can play defense for any player other than the Flex and no one has left the game.
v) The player starting DP and starting Flex have one re-entry just as all players do.
vi) Once the game is started with the DP/Flex positions in the lineup, those positions are available for the entire game. Even if the starting DP or Flex has left the game a second time, the position is still available, and an eligible substitute can enter the game as the DP or Flex.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Alissa Smith – Storm President
Email: alissasmithstorm@gmail.com
Cell: (386) 361-9272
Looking forward to a great weekend. See you at the fields!
Coach, Alissa Smith
Alissa Smith
President, Jacksonville / Florida Storm Softball Association